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xox RYPAY xox

The First Sharpay/Ryan Shipper Community

RYPAY - A Ryan/Sharpay Shipper Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

A place where Rypay shippers can post, write, and discuss the relationship of Ryan and Sharpay Evans in High School Musical with other shippers.

JOIN TODAY if you....

1. Write Rypay fanfiction
2. Make Rypay graphics (icons, manips...)
3. Make fanvids
4. Simply appreciate their brother/sister bond...
5. ...Or wish they could be something more <3

::: RULES :::

1. NO HATERS ALLOWED. If you can't handle this ship, don't post here.
2. NO FLAMING. If you don't like someone's art or writing, still try to be polite!
3. Mark fics that deal with simply Rypay friendship with "FRIENDSHIP ONLY"
4. Put warnings on all fics dealing with mature material.
5. Put all fics behind an LJ cut, as well as big pictures.
6. IF YOU HAVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 SPOILERS, please put them behind a cut as well and mark as "spoilers"!

Any person who breaks the rules shall recieve ONE warning, followed by a ban from the community. BE NICE!