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Ok Haha I'll trythis then, still a biiit confused, but thats s'ok =D… - xox RYPAY xox [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 15th, 2010|07:21 am]
RYPAY - A Ryan/Sharpay Shipper Community
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Ok Haha I'll trythis then, still a biiit confused, but thats s'ok =D I'll give it a shot.

Title: Perfect Princess
Author: gracefulmess96
Pairing: Ryan/Sharpay (I might actually get more heavy on it if I decide to continue it ^-^ )
Summary: Sharpay has a bad dream and goes to her brother for comfort.
Genre: Romance
Rating: T-Teen
Warnings: Incest, kissing

<lj-cut text=" I awoke to the sound of my door creaking. Rubbing my eyes I glanced over to see my sister standing by my bed in her pink night gown.

''Ryan.'' She whispered shyly brushing a beautiful gold lock from her face. Sitting up I grabbed her hand.

''What is it?'' I asked, clearing my throat.

''I-I had a nightmare'' She stumbled over the words. I grinned, she can be so damn cute sometimes. Moving to the edge of my bed I pulled back the covers and offered her a place to lay. She turned back and closed the door all the way, before snuggling beside me.

''You're the best'' She mumbled yawning I wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

''So,'' I started, letting her no I wasn't done, sleeping would come later. She looked up, into my eyes making my heart melt.

''What was your dream?'' I asked with concern. She frowned.

''Oh it was awful Ryan!'' She moaned just above a whisper

''I-I Dreamed that I was on stage, you know, were I belong.'' She clutched me tensing her whole body.

''And then, there they were! Gabrielle and Troy stealing MY spot light!'' I held back a chuckle, of course that was her dream. Nothing meant more to her then that spotlight, other then me of course, and nothing pissed her off more then when Gabrielle and Troy 'stole' it.

''To bad you woke up.'' I stated rubbing her back. She shot me an angry look.

''How could you say that!'' She snarled.

''Because silly, you missed the part were I swoop in and we both steal it back.'' I said grinning wildly at her. She was still frowning, but I could tell, the way her cheeks twitched that she was holding in a smile. Grinning I let my hand crawl up her leg, giving her goose bumps. Suddenly I gasped.

''What!'' She cried suddenly worried and shocked.

''It's... The'' I started building suspense. She looked around wildly suddenly tense again.

''The tickle monster!'' I howled tickling her sides.

''Ryan!'' She screamed though her laughter. I felt my heart pound, I love the way she screamed my name. Breathlessly she begged me to stop as I pushed her farther and farther off the bed. With one last scream we both tumbled to the floor.

We lay there, breathing heavily, searching for any sign that our parents had been woken up by the noise.

I smiled to her, she pouted, only to have her scowl broken by a tiny giggle.

''To bed then?'' I asked her getting up. And she nodded, sleepy once again. I made my way to the bed when she grabbed my hand, spun me around and gave me a soft kiss. My heart fluttered and I eased into the kiss, gently placing my hand on her head, tangling her hair between my fingers. I felt myself growing hard from her smell, I blushed and pulled away from her, gently breaking the kiss. She frowned up at me, I stoked her cheek and rested my chin on her head.

'My princess' I thought to myself, getting an idea.

She gasped as I swooped down and picked her up, Wrapping her arms around my neck she gazed into my eyes, the perfect smile planted on those perfect lips.

''Princess'' I whispered. She looked shocked.

''Its well past your bedtime'' I winked and she giggled.

''Oh Ryan.'' She sighed

''You're so sweet, perfect for me in every way, you're such a fine Prince.'' She exaggerated the 'fine' resting her head on my shoulder. This time I let the chuckle out, carrying her to the bed with ease I lay her down, crawling in beside her. And with one more kiss we both drifted blissfully to sleep.</lj-cut>