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Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure [May. 15th, 2010|11:47 pm]
RYPAY - A Ryan/Sharpay Shipper Community


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Hello, all! My name is Lisa, and I'm brand new to the HSM fandom. I just saw all three movies about a week ago, and I've been crazy obsessed with Ryan and Sharpay and the hotness of their potential incestuous love. I can't say I care for HSM too much in general, but Ryan and Sharpay make it all worth it. 

I was sad to see that this community had fallen out of use a little, but that's understandable. As a new fan, it's so frustrating to be late to the game. I've been looking for a place for some good discussion, but my search has been a total failure. Which makes me sad.  But it was nice to look back through the archives here. There were some great fanfics too, which I totally enjoyed. 

Anyway, I read on IMDB about the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, which is about Sharpay being discovered, and trying to make it in New York. I love  Sharpay, and a movie about her would probably be gold if well done, but I'm a little apprehensive - there was no mention of Lucas Grabeel. The notification said that it begins filming in June, and will show on Disney Channel some time in 2011.

In terms of Rypay, I thought HSM 3 was all right. Sharpay says essentially that she'll always bring Ryan along with her, before they do the I Want It All number. When Ryan is the one who ends up getting into Juilliard, I imagined it sort of ending up the same way, only in reverse. They'll get a balance in their relationship, because he'll be the one to bring her along.

But this new movie could totally ruin the way I've convinced myself that HSM 3 ended.

Any thoughts? Or, is there someone out there with some scoop on the movie? I'm not very well informed, but I was suprised that Ashley Tisdale would do something like this. I'm not sure why I had the impression that she was better than than, but I did. I just love her on Phineas and Ferb!

Also, I've got some fanfic ideas floating around in my head. Is there any interest still? I'll never get them done unless I think someone might read them.